Phirebird’s first ever BMX Presentation Plate was produced in 1999. Since then thousands of unique BMX Plate designs have been created, presented and well received by BMX Competitors around Australasia.

Every Phirebird BMX Plate design is fueled by passion to ensure your event is special and never forgotten. Presentation Plates are produced locally to compliment additional awards such as Trophies, Cash while adding massive exposure to your event sponsors.

“DISPLAY USE ONLY” BMX EVENT PRESENTATION PLATES are not designed to attach to the bike’s handlebars.

A very generous award plate size, maximising our design abilities to enhance your event with a heap of exposure from social media platforms.

Once your BMX plates have been manufactured all plates are numbered and packed to race order for quick, organised award presentations. We have never missed a deadline giving event organisers the peace of mind that our products are delivered on-time and without any hidden surprises.

Phirebird offers BMX Presentation Plates for every occasion. BMX AWARDS, BMX EVENT MERCHANDISE, CLUB TOP 10 BMX, custom BMX presentation plates have many applications.

All created BMX graphics are designed by Phirebird to suit your event theme, location, and marketing preferences.

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