Custom BMX Jerseys for Teams, Clubs, Squads should only be attempted by experts that understand what the BMX market expects. Unfortunately BMX has become saturated with poorly designed jerseys that disappoint the kids and makes BMX look amateur.

BMX riders are stylish individuals that are passionate about BMX, do them and BMX a favour by building jerseys that fit them correctly first and then the culture of BMX racing second.

Most large manufacturing firms slap your BMX Logo onto jersey designs that have been designed for Football and other similar mainstream sports.

Looking good helps riders mentally, so performance is improved from just wearing cool looking threads –

Take our Slim fitting raglan jersey pattern for example, crafted from continuance rider feedback: Things like assembling sleeves with less wind drag, extended sleeve length so the rider is still covered on maximum reach. All our youth sizes come with an extended tuck in tail so the jersey stays in, and elastic cuffs for riders to battle in comfort.

Taking this approach to BMX is what sets us apart from the large manufacturing companies that have no interest in supporting the sport of BMX back.

Every online product sold here, is tested by thousands of racers to ensure that you will receive the best product possible with designs that motivate and inspire.

Every new order comes with an authentic custom design to suit your group’s location, theme and colour that riders are proud to ride hard for.

Phirebird’s Hi-Performance Race Jerseys are tested by the greatest racers in the world for style, strength and comfort leaving athletes with no excuses.

Our final Jersey Prices reflect the invested workmanship over the years to produce a well valued item that kids feel proud to wear and represent. (Priceless?)

For the perfect fit and less confusion request for our Sizing Kit…

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