Think carefully when choosing your official race number because it should become the number that does you proud for your entire BMX racing career.

If you see someone else in your age group with the same number, just find another one.

Superstitions? numbers with meaning becomes your power source race after race. My personal recommendation is selecting a 3 Digit BMX Career Number to provide you with better odds of never having to change your number during your BMX Career.

My personal race number was #110 – which represented dominating my younger days to then having to recreate myself from amuture to professional.

Number plates are required to be placed on the front of the bike so that the rider can be identified in competition.  Cool race plates are obtained from your club!

As per BMX Australia Rule Book – 2016

The only riders who will be entitled to race with a racing number between 1-8 (inclusive) will be those riders that placed in the preceding above Titles with the use of the above letters immediately after the number except World plates that will have the prefix W.

The size of the prefix or suffix letter must be 50mm in height.

Use of Number Zero on a Number Plate – 0 – 00 zero or double zero is not a numeral and 1-8 are reserved.

Number 9 is not stated in the rules but I believe it’s not available also. 10, 11, 12 is how it goes from there.

Your BMX Racing Plate is your identity, OWN IT and be proud and give it your all.

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