Custom BMX Race Plates Phirebird -

Custom BMX Race Plates designed by Phirebird is the easiest way to feeling fast.

Our design team is always excited to create personalised BMX Racing Plates for riders using our authentic collection of custom graphics, fonts, and numbers that will suit your riding style.

If you are wanting to add some sponsor logos we can also take care of that also using our logo redrawing service to ensure the design and logos output is to the highest standards possible before applying the UV protected media to our moulded 3D BMX Race Plates.

Phirebird Custom BMX Plates use a build in velcro fastening system that is designed to suit all handle bar types. Please contact Phirebird to discuss your Custom BMX Plate Design requirements. fast turnarounds guaranteed.

We offer fast turnarounds and use design templates that suit Pro & Junior Size BMX plates, as shown below.



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