Olympic Sport Of BMX Phirebird BMX -

Since the early 70’s. BMX Racing has progressed into an Olympic Sport with three sell out crowds. Proving BMX is an amazing product but unfortunately there is a lot more we need to improve. Fashion and Culture is one of them, so PHIREBIRD continues to evolve their product range that keeps up with the demands of Competitive BMX Racing for Australians to lead the way in BMX.

Our research and development experts tests and re-engineer products to ensure every packed item is delivered with exceptional quality that riders and families can see and feel. For us, this is not just about business; it’s a passion to see happy riders proud to say they RACE BMX.

All Phirebird products are made to intimidate competition to step up or move over. When style is on point, riders begin to flow, relating to confidence and better performances.

Give Phirebird a try and see what everyone is talking about. Correct orders, delivered on time as approved and requested. 

“We don’t Compete, We set the Standards”

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