Custom BMX Tshirts Phirebird -

2009 Queensland BMX Champion Joel Clark making history. The Champion was displayed in the most professional way the follow year. BMX Event T-Shirts designed by Phirebird, helps event organisers attract quality sponsors, it also gives the rider great exposure and opportunities for a successful signing session.

Phirebird’s high end design capabilities brings intense excitement while keeping the History of BMX strong with memorabilia that is continually worn to promote your event year after year. We believe by respecting our Elite Athletes this way, we provide them a sense of pride, and the recognition champions deserve before they are quickly forgotten again.  The BMX Community always appreciate quality BMX T-shirts so they can wear with pride and promoting BMX where ever they go.

Why not give this concept a try for your next BMX event and repeat the rewards that come with using Phirebird as your official event merchandise suppliers. We know you wont be disappointed.



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