BMX relies heavily on Volunteers and without them BMX racing stops! We totally understand how tough it gets trying to run a BMX Club while maintaining your own personal day to day duties. Australian BMX has been this way since its beginnings, and is why we have invested a lot of time and effort towards creating resources that will assist BMX Clubs with revenue generating opportunities to assist in rider progression.

Working with Phirebird, will not only get your Club looking professional volunteers will fast become rock stars within the club because they got it right. NO matter which company you choose to use for your BMX jerseys, BMX T-Shirts just make sure your members experience value for money, and designs that riders, and race fans will be proud to wear and share.

Ordering BMX Club Merchandise – New or Repeated Orders is a breeze with Phirebird. Our clients enjoy the risk free ordering and on time deliveries – It’s our passion, and we strive to improve our systems every day for a seamless process. Every official order is very accurate with clients signing off before production begins, ensuring you get what you ordered every time.

Phirebird – “Making BMX Fun 4 ALL”

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