7 Tips BMX Clubs Should Consider BMX Plates Phirebird

Competitive BMX Racing around the world is moving fast, therefore BMX athletes require optimal training environments. BMX Clubs need to avoid wasting time on the little things and direct all attention and energy to growing the Club and making it a better place than before. This will allow Current Riders and future members to develop their craft in a friendly and motivating environment.

Areas to consider for happy members in no particular order:

  1. Club’s Goals and Objectives – Removes all the small chatter and brings focus / direction.
  2. Knowledge Management – Delegate specific roles and start documenting everything your club does each year so a process is repeated and a system is forged for new volunteers to follow, improve, and repeat.
  3. Create Leadership and Culture, help others gain what you want to gain.
  4. Look like a professional Team / Group – Contact Phirebird for that!
  5. Coaching | Training:  Athlete, Volunteer Pathways and Development – ensuring the social and competitive needs of all participants are meet.
  6. Funding – get to know your local Councillor, and local businesses and gain a positive reputation within the local community!
  7. Website that’s integrated with a Newsletter and Social Media interactions, ask PHIREBIRD for a Quote!
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