BMX race fans love being apart of the action, so give them the option to represent your colours also. Phirebird’s BMX Polos are designed to represent BMX in the best possible way. We have made our pricing to be competitive as possible without reducing the quality.

All Phirebird designs and graphics are unique and happily approved by everyone involved. Just like our BMX jersey’s we bring the same design concepts into our Polo range.

Cool to wear, extremely comfortable, durable, and easy caring makes the crowd go crazy.

Another popular option is selecting from our massive range of ready to go polo range for all genders. Every possible colour combination and sizes available for screen printing or embroidery. Affordable and best way to get everyone representing your BMX club colours.

Note: Adding Custom BMX Polo’s to your Custom BMX Jersey order or vise versa is fine with us, as our minimal order is 5 units.

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