BMX Plates locally manufactured since 1999. Generations of BMX Racers have ridden Phirebird BMX Plates, through BMX events or for personal use. Our Custom BMX Plates come in many shapes and sizes to suit any bar type or occasion.



Screen-Printed BMX Race Plates from Phirebird give you affordable options for your BMX Club or Special BMX Race Event. Mix your class colours to reach our minimum order quantity. All our BMX Plates are Slim-Line designed and constructed to suit all bar types and elite racing.



Custom BMX Plates that are digitally printed opens the door to Phirebird’s state of the art digital printing division to unlimited graphics and colour options. All BMX Digital Plates are designed with custom graphics Name | Number | Sponsors.

Digital Printed BMX Race Plates provide flexible options for unlimited graphics, colours, and smaller qualities.

BMX Plate Options

Phirebird supply many different BMX Plate Options, from Racing and Awards our Talented design team create custom BMX graphics to suit Screen-Printing or Digitally-Printing.

Depending on your BMX Plate order, Phirebird BMX Plates are supplied with the required fastening systems, numbered correctly, packed in race order and ready for retail, registration or award presentations.

  • Our Plate Styles
    • Phirebird Award Plates
    • Phirebird Club Race Plates
    • Mac Branded Plates (Pro & Junior)
    • Mini Wheeler BMX Plates
    • Custom Phirebird BMX Race Plates
    • BMX Event Race Plates
  • Quality Inks

    Unlimited Design & Colours, Colours comply with BMXA regulations.

  • Slick Plate Design

    Designed to fit all Bar Types, High-Impact Plastic, is safe & won’t break!

  • Fasterning System

    Velcro Fasterner supplied when applicable or 4 x Zip Ties per plate for events and Club plates.

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BMX Race Plate Colours

Phirebird BMX Plates are supplied on high impact plastic to comply with BMXA BMX plate class colour regulations.

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